James Clayton

Executive Chairman

  • James Clayton’s banking career spans 40 years that centers around residential mortgage underwriting  and securitization.
  • His experience includes founding of two ground-breaking financial institutions in Canada. He founded Resmor Trust, the first independent  residential securitization trust in in  Canada, before selling it to General  Motors in 2008.
  • James is also the founder of Bridgewater Bank (1997) and CFF Bank, which was sold to Home Trust  Bank, Canada’s largest alternative  residential mortgage provider.

JD Diabira

Chief Executive Officer

  • JD founded Westbridge Mortgage REIT in 2014 as Canada’s then-only Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trust. He grew the firm to $360M in  loans origination per yr, before  expanding into Africa, with the  acquisition of BHCI Bank in 2017.
  • JD started his 25-year banking career with RBC Canada, before joining CDIC as bank regulator and then  running the quantitative credit  portfolio group at what is now Bank of  America.
  • He founded Riskmont in 2000 as a major inter-bank loan portfolio trading platform, which he sold in 2013.  Riskmont traded $1.9B in loans in 2012.

Drew Elliott

Senior Vice President

  • Drew is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience creating ventures. In 2002 Drew founded Trinity Wind  Power, a wind power development  company that was sold to GDF Suez in  2011. He developed over 600mws of  renewable energy projects with an  approximate value of $1.6B.
  • In 2014, Drew founded AKSUM Inc. a housing development company focusing on providing housing project  in West Africa using modular  construction technologies.
  • Drew is an alumnus of the Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario).

Guy Landry Bamba

Head, Financial Institutions Group

Clotilde Ouattara, Head

ESG Standards & Training

Patrick Dibi, Senior Manager

Digital & Marketing Strategy

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